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Trest: World's Local Currency

Trestor makes money accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our mission is to create the most efficient Money, Payment and Market system for the world. Trests are the digital token or the unit of Store of Value.

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1.Download Trestor App on your Computer or Smartphone
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2.Create your Account on the Trestor Network
3.Start Exchanging Trests (Digital Store of Value)
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Why Be a Part of Trestor Network?

Truly Decentralized

The Protocol does justice to Satoshi's core idea. Anyone, anywhere with minimal resource can help run our network.

Open Source

Trestor's Core devs are hackers on steroids. The code base is open and can be reviewed by anyone.

Transfers in Seconds

We hate minutes, we accept seconds. The transaction confirmation time is just a few seconds.

Zero Transaction Fee

Trestor Network is not hostage to miners, therefore transactions are free and always will be.

Anonymous, Pseudonymous

With Trestor Network, staying private is your right, being public is your choice.

Better than Gold

As a Digital "Store of value" Trests have the same qualities as gold. Moreover, Trests are portable, easily divisible and can never be confiscated!

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